Most of the modern weddings without a difference of their traditions are interested in opting for a wedding car limousine. Not only because of the elegance and grandeur it delivers to the wedding but also how the almost once in a lifetime excuse to experience the luxury of a limousine makes it the number one choice of many couples who plan their wedding. Most of these people are unaware of many options Vancouver has for hiring limousines and many other similar limo services. However, among many companies that offer Luxury car rental Vancouver, it is always better to choose one after considering the following details.

Is the Luxury car rental company reputable?

As your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life, it is compulsory to do a background check on several luxury car rental Vancouver companies to make sure that the company you choose to rent a limousine from is a place that offers professional and excellent wedding transportation service. Some companies might have past incidents where they gained bad reputations regarding issues in limo rental service such as impolite chauffeurs, damaged interiors and malfunctioning features. Every professional limousine company should possess a license and make sure to check whether the Vancouver limo company you choose offers licensed service.

It is similarly important to have at least a basic understanding of the following factors.

What car types, colours and sizes are available and what amenities the vehicles have?

Many types of limousines are available in Vancouver limousine service companies. Executive SUV Limo is suitable if you are expecting to travel far or to the airport after the wedding. Many couples opting for destination honeymoons use this Vancouver airport limousine type. While having space for three people, there is plenty of space for luggage. Wood trim, leather seats and cup holders in passenger seat section are main distinctive features. Luxury SUV Stretch Limousines can accommodate up to 14 people and gives a luxury vibe with features like wood flooring, leather seats, table with cup holders, fibre optic lighting and ample luggage space.

This luxury vehicle type can move all of your wedding entourage from photography sessions to the wedding ceremony and reception. Stretch Limo has been described to be the best-pick for wedding car limousines with their extreme luxury that includes amenities such as well-stored bar area, LCD screens, AV equipment and fibre optic lighting. Different types of Vancouver limousines can provide space for up to 20 people; however, the most popular Stretch Limos are eight passenger ones. Vancouver Party Bus service is also much popular among people who love wedding partying.

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  • Party Bus Vancouver For Wedding Transportation

Moreover, party buses are the most affordable and the best way to transport your wedding guests. Hosting a Vancouver party bus dream can come true with luxury car rental Vancouver companies that offer the service of party bus Vancouver. So you have the freedom to choose what type of limousine you are going to rent according to your plans for the wedding. Vancouver Limousines are available in white and black colours. For special requests Limos in pink, blue, purple and several other colours might be available in places offering limousine service Vancouver.

Are there special wedding packages available? Who covers the cost of gas? What is the cancellation/refund policy?

Vancouver limousine prices are generally calculated based on the day of the week you want to hire the limo Vancouver, time of the day you expect to hire the limo, the model, size and features of the Vancouver limo and the number of hours you want the vehicle. While there are cheap limo Vancouver companies most of the reputed companies offering wedding limousine Vancouver also charge only a fair amount for their luxury car rental Vancouver services.

Generally, the average hourly rate for a Stretch Limo which as discussed before is the popular option as wedding car limousine is 110 US dollars with the “minimum hours” regulation being 2 hours. The price does include fuel costs; however, for fuel surcharges, you have to pay an extra amount. Similarly, it is always a good idea to check how much of additional charges the limousine Vancouver companies may charge for taxes and the money you might have to give as a gratuity.

  • Cancellation/Refund Policy

One another essential fact to consider is the luxury car rental Vancouver Company’s cancellation and refund policy. Some Vancouver limo companies might be flexible with cancellation and refund; however, some of the more professional limo companies provide only a limited amount of time for cancellations that can be refunded. It is because these Vancouver limo companies plan ahead and prepare the vehicles for your need while accepting only a few customers to provide services per day.

What does the driver wear?

Almost all the professional limousine providing companies in Vancouver offer chauffeurs as part of the service, and you can check if you can demand a specific suit or other costumes for your chauffeur. Traditional Asian weddings like Indian weddings mostly wear Indian ethnic wear for their weddings, and in such a situation some companies agree to customer’s wishes as to what the driver wears. In certain circumstances, you can even offer to provide the costume for the driver, which would make it easier for the company to provide you with the service.

Are they willing to customize your experience?

As discussed in the above point regarding the driver’s wear, it is important to know whether the company you are opting for is willing to customize their luxury car rental service so you can live through a unique experience. If you are planning to have a wedding under the vintage theme, you can discuss with a vintage car rental Vancouver. Some companies might offer the service of decorating or allowing you to decorate the wedding car to your preference, and this is a very important plus point, which will give you a customized experience.

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Is the style of car/driver right for you?

For your special day, as mentioned earlier, it is better if you can select a company that offers customized services so that you can discuss with them the right style of car and driver you want. When hiring a limousine Vancouver, you can talk to your friends, family and research online to get an idea ahead about the exact style you want your dream wedding car to be. Whether you are going for a Rolls Royce rental Vancouver or you want to select a more affordable yet comfortable vehicle, you do not have to give up on style.

It is your Wedding Day! Think ahead, plan ahead and live a unique experience. Choosing the right professional luxury car rental Vancouver company for the unique requirements like wedding car limousine is one step in assuring you are going to have the best day.