Centuries may continue to pass, but a party never stops sounding fun. Nevertheless, do regular parties seem a little too conventional for you? Are you tired of cleaning, cooking, and buying party decors? All you Vancouver dwellers can now replace convention with style, because with Leo’s Vancouver party bus service, anyone and everyone can party hard and party safe.

Keep partying aside for a while. If you have been worrying about the mounting prices of Vancouver wedding Limousines, worry no more! Alongside the whole trendy and crazy Vancouver party bus scenario, we also offer wedding transportation in dreamy, sophisticated Vancouver Limousines for prices that would funnily leave you wanting to marry over and over!

As the leading company for hiring out luxury Limousines Vancouver, we have Vancouver Limousines and Vancouver party buses that feature the coolest designs, comfiest seating and boomsound audio systems to keep you up and dancing throughout the amazing Vancouver Limo party evening. Our Vancouver party buses guarantee safe fun for everybody, and range from a capacity of hosting an event with 10 to 50 people. Be it your prom night, bachelor/ bachelorette party, wedding event, karaoke night, getaway to your favorite location, birthday celebration, concert or your own little private club night – Luxury car rental in Vancouver has a spacious, fancy and cheap Vancouver party bus ready for you!


The first party bus in 1988 stirred the minds of the world’s partiers, and ended up being the biggest trend in the century. According to surveys, more than 460 respondents were drawn, with most of them, 55%, being small fleet operators (1-10 vehicles), pursued by medium fleets, 32%, (11-50 vehicles) and larger fleets, 13%, (+51 vehicles). (The annual LCT Factbook operator)

When it comes to wedding transportation worldwide, wedding Limousines never lose their classy touch. Cheap Vancouver Limos with the same sophistication, maximum comfort and superior elegance are our treat to the wedding transportation industry. Leo’s Vancouver Limousines have all the luxury you look for and more, so wed in style.


Our Vancouver party buses come in different seating capacities and styles, yet all of them share the common feature of being “supremely fun”. Models vary from Ford to Limousine, the chassis converted to a stylish party place with lavish amenities. Our Vancouver Limo service has extra-comfortable party buses with tinted windows, full air-condition, posh interior, leather seats that feel so good and a high-tech lighting system that adapts according to the occasion. Compatible to any Android or Apple device or CD/DVD/AM/FM formats, the entertainment options in our Vancouver Limousine party buses are endless. The mini bar that stores your favorite beverages, the dance poles, karaoke machines, the discotheque and hardwood dance floors promise you an unforgettably wild night in a luxury Vancouver Limo.


According to the safety charter given by the Utilities and Transportation Commission (UTC), there are rules and regulations Limo companies should abide by, Vancouver Limousines or Limousines elsewhere.

  • The seating capacity of a party bus should be more than 14 people.
  • The company that provides party buses should be registered and recognized as a hire of party buses and Limos.
  • The vehicle should be modified from factory condition to a stylish caravan, with audio and lighting systems, a bar, dance floors and poles, VIP rooms (for larger chassis) and ample space to move.

The Vancouver Limos we have are insured with the best insurance providers. Our Limousine service Vancouver meets necessary safety regulations including,

  • Driver’s license standards;
  • Maintenance of records;
  • Safety fitness measures;
  • Drug and alcohol tests
  • Hours of service
  • Safety measures for vehicles in operation such as inspections, spare parts and accessories, repairing and maintenance.

Vancouver Limousines and Vancouver party buses by Leo have strict rules against underage drinking. A chaperone is appointed to escort the crew if any of them are below 21 years of age. The chaperone makes sure that no illegal drinking happens during hours the Vancouver Limousine service is hired. If a minor consumes alcohol, we take immediate action to stop proceeding with the Vancouver party bus tour to avoid any disgrace to our Vancouver Limousine Service or the customer.

Wedding transportation in Leo Wedding Limousines Vancouver employs decent drivers who have many years of experience, in order to make the best ride of your life a safe and comfortable one. At Leo Vancouver Limousine Service, we are ever so ready to answer any of your questions about the legal aspects, license and authorization.


Vancouver party buses have the decent exterior of a bus, and the lavish interior of a Limousine. The modification of a regular Limousine into a more stylish and spacious vehicle makes it a party bus. Vancouver Limo buses are special because of the additional space, great entertainment options, high ceiling, individual customization options and the unbelievable affordable prices. When split up between passengers, the Vancouver Limos and Vancouver party buses come as several times cheaper than hotels. Hotels are boring, whereas Vancouver party buses with Leo are way trendier.

Vancouver party buses


  • Check the reliability of the Vancouver Limousine service. You can check whether they are a registered company, request to see their license, discuss insurance and safety matters with them.
  • Educate yourself prior to hiring a Limo Company.
  • See whether what you pay is worth it. Most Vancouver Limousine services do not mention what they charge extra for, so be careful. Make it clear between you and the Vancouver Limo Company about price rates per hours and additional hours, extra charges and taxes.
  • Ask to see the vehicles prior to booking.


Wedding transportation services with our wedding Limousines in Vancouver, and throwing parties with our Vancouver party bus services are both trusted ways to live off the best moments of your life in style. Luxury car rental Vancouver just got easier and cheaper with our Vancouver Limos. Time to party, folks!