Vancouver Limousine Service

Limousines are luxurious cars which are more suitable than any other vehicles for a comfortable ride. Briefly, Limousines are luxurious, spacious and affordable. These cars consist of a wide range of features to provide the passengers a luxurious ride for any occasion. Especially, Vancouver Limousine service can be considered as a combination of latest luxurious features. Namely, the services consist of an air conditioner, tinted windows, minibars stocked with pop, ice, and water, HDTV with DVD players, surrounded sounds, disco lights, and many more features. With these wide ranges of elements, the limo service Vancouver is more affordable and punctual.

Most of these limousine service providers tend to provide the passengers with an excellent ride with the latest model of limousines. Limo services Vancouver can be booked for any community ride and even for private purposes. Basically, these rides are categorized under airport transfers, seaport transfers, corporate events, weddings, birthday parties, night out parties, concerts, proms, anniversaries, sporting events, bachelor parties, and bachelorette parties. To maintain the quality of the Vancouver limousine service providers they pay special attention to the personalized rides in limousines with them. Moreover, they always try to provide the passengers with a safe and standard high-class level ride for special occasions. The passengers have the chance to select the type of the limousine according to their requirements, class and the number of passengers. Therefore, limousine providers consist of different types of limousines in their service centers. The major types of limousine are chauffeur driven sedan motor vehicle comes under the kind of limo which are like more than 50 years old. Party buses are coaches with many passenger seats. Rolls Royce and Bentley limousine fall under the luxury limousines. Sedan cars can provide space for a maximum of five passengers. The other types are sports utility limousines with the features of a sedan and stretch limos.  Most of the Vancouver limousine service provide you with a variety of booking methods for your convenience. Limo services in Vancouver are holding the fame of offering the customers an executive style VIP service around Vancouver as well.

Are There Any Extra Charges For Rentals?

All the rentals are listed according to the hourly prices. The rates will vary according to different criteria. The charge of each ride depends on the type of limousine, passenger capacity, luggage capacity and the need for child seats. So the prices may differ from each other according to the passenger requirements. Extra charges may apply for some occasions. The basic rates do not consists of the gratuity, taxes and the fuel surcharge. Parking charges may changeable for the listed rates of each limousines. Travel time charges are applicable for some certain cities. Some of the limo services provide you with all kinds of child seats. Moreover, they cost some extra fees.


Do Limousines Charge Extra For Vancouver Airport Pickups ?

Principally the Vancouver limousine service is served for both international and domestic departures. The major airports are Vancouver airport,  Abbotsford airport, and Seattle airport. The charges are rated under the type of limousine and the number of passengers. The charge for the ride is calculated between the two destinations. There is flat price for the ride. But if the customer request for other stops during the journey an extra charge will be added to the flat price.

Moreover, the meet and the greet service charges will also added to the basic charge according to the customer requirements. Most of the limo services have a waiting time of 45 min to 60 min. However, if the passengers keep the drivers await for more than this time the charges may increase according to the hourly rates of the type of the limousine plus the taxes. The parking charges and the extra charges for the child seats will also be added to the hourly rates.

Are There Any Discounts Available?

The rates for the limousine may differ from the peak seasons and the offseasons. Most of the Vancouver limousine service tend to offer the ideal exceptional high-quality VIP service even including discounts for some occasions. Some limo services provide you the discounts up to 10% according to the day of your reservation. If you are booking for both ways, some limo services offer you a discount on the return.

Can I Smoke In A Limousine?

Smoking inside a limousine is strictly prohibited. Most of all the  Vancouver  limo services will not accept any act of usage of cigarettes and any drugs. The main reason for this prohibition is that the surface of the limousines are really soft and they are odor magnet. Odor magnet means that the smell of the cigarettes is absorbed by the surfaces and last for even the whole day. Therefore, this will be an unpleasant experience for the next passengers. If you do not obey this rule, most of the companies have stringent rules and regulations, and you may have to pay a higher price as the cleaning fees. If you are a person who can not live without smoking and if you badly want to smoke you can ask the driver to give you a smoke break and you can go outside and fulfill your requirement.


Can I Cancel The Service?

You have the chance for the cancellation of the reservation of a limousine for your occasion. However, this may differ from one limousine service company to another company. Most of the companies charge cancellation fees for canceling a booking, and some companies do not charge any cancellation fee for the cancel. These features are depending on the terms and conditions of the contract of reservation of a limousine. These companies offer you a cancellation period and if you reach for this period, your reservation is automatically got canceled. Some of the policies of the limo service companies in Vancouver have the no show policy which means the drivers offer you waiting time and if you do not appear within that period that may be considered as a no show and some companies charge a fee for this also.

Are Your Chauffeurs Reliable?

Most of the Vancouver limousine service companies are holding the fame of providing top-rated VIP rides with an experienced and a professional chauffeurs. The passengers always have got the chance to study the reviews of the companies and check for the ideal and reliable chauffeurs in Vancouver. The top-notch services of the limo services companies are graded according to the quality and the reliability of the chauffeurs also. This is also a countable criteria. Unless the driver is reliable, you can not have a comfortable ride. In the web pages of each limo services companies you can read the profile of the chauffeurs and book the appropriate chauffeurs for your journey.